In this series we introduced our gourmet campfire cuisine recipes that anyone can cook over an open fire in the backyard. After multiple location shoots across the country at KOA Kampground Cooking Camps, Jett Williams’ Hank Williams Estate, Jack Daniels Distillery, and Gaylord Opryland Resort – it was time to bring it home and show our viewers how to fire it up at their own campfire. We filmed this in the backyard and lakeside at a friend’s nearby Golden Pond.  We apologize for the quality of these videos – when we shot this series, HD online was not a thing yet!

Episode #1

Tequila Chicken and Ribs, Carribean Sweet Potato Salad, Raspberry Brownie Cheesecake.

Episode #2

Bleu Pork Chops, Summer Squash Puffs, Apple-Spice Dump Cake.

Episode #3

Campfire Meatballs, Potato Salad with a Twist, Lemon Raspberry Tart.

Episode #4

Asian Beef Soup, Spring Rolls, Szechuan Beef with Flank Steak.

Episode #5

Flatiron Chicken, Walnut Broccoli Cassrole, Butterscotch Rum Cake.

Episode #6

BBQ Worth Braggin’ About, Stuffed Chilis/Tomatoes, Sweet Potato Pecan Pie.

Episode #7

Stuffed Salmon, Green Bean Stuffing, Caramel Twisted Blondie.

Episode #8

Beef Sloppy Joes, Three Potatoes in a Pot, Raspberry Cheesecake.

Episode #9

Oriental Ginger Chicken, Oriental Salad, Baked Banana Bread.

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