When Campfire Cafe aired weekly, the number of questions received prompted us to create some “crew tips” to explain everything from firepit prep to cake-baking. While we no longer manufacture or sell our “Cowboy Cookware” custom products, some may find these tips and techniques to be helpful – even now.

Tip #1

Open fire cake baking.

Tip #2

Open fire cooking accessories.

Tip #3

Selecting wood types.

Tip #4

Dutch oven sizes and uses.

Tip #5

Firepit setup considerations.

Tip #6

Maintaining your cast iron.

Tip #7

Seasoning cast iron.

Tip #8

Setup Cowboy Cookset.

Tip #9

Setup Cowboy Swing Grill.

Tip #10

Setup Cowboy Pit Kit.

Tip #11

Cowboy Swing Grill and Pit Kit.

Tip #12

Using Cowboy Swing Grill.

Tip #13

Cowboy Tail Gator setup.

Tip #14

Cowboy Turnspit rotisserie setup.

Our Cookbook

Beautiful full-color, coffee table style, hardback cookbook. Photos on every page to demonstrate the process with step-by-step directions for both open fire and kitchen. Features recipes from our original episodes.

eCookbook digital version is also available for immediate download.

Teach your children to cook over an open fire.

Not only is cooking a valuable life skill, the memories made while preparing and sharing meals will last a lifetime.