In this series we respond to requests from viewers of past seasons to cook recipes over the flame of a gas grill. While we prefer the open campfire, today’s busy lives don’t always allow us that sweet luxury. It takes just a few adjustments, plus a little trial-and-error to cook any of our open fire receipes on your grill or in your kitchen! See what’s on the menu at the Campfire Cafe in this series as we’re joined by some of our Country Music artist friends who drop in to share a meal at our campfire.

Episode #1

Grilled fish filets, potato caserole, roasted fresh veggies. Featuring The Roys, dynamic sister-brother Bluegrass songwriters of the new Campfire Cafe theme song.

Episode #2

Whiskey-glazed kabobs, corn casserole, spinach pull-apart rolls are on today’s menu. Add some variety to your outdoor cooking lineup with these easy recipes!

Episode #3

Grilled plank chicken, Indian fried rice, grilled fresh veggies. Changing up your routine and cuisine with unique easy ideas can put some spice into everyday meals.

Episode #4

Rotisserie bone-in pork sirloin roast, bean and cornbread casserole, grilled peaches. Chicken salad stuffed tomato appetizer with guest artist Buddy Jewel. 

Episode #5

Claypot roasted chicken, bacon-wrapped grilled asparagus/green beans, and chipotle sweet potatoes are what’s cooking today. See how impressive simple recipes can be!

Episode #6

Smoked pork steaks, homemade mac and cheese, asparagus/new potato salad, cheesecake banana pudding. Country music artist Buddy Jewel is back on the set for this delicious meal.

Episode #7

Grilled locally raised, grass-fed beef chuck roast, bacon-wrapped shrimp jalapeño poppers, yukon gold and rose roasted potatoes. Country Music artist Andy Griggs stops in to give us a hand.

Episode #8

Rotisserie bourbon peach-glazed chicken, Hawaiian yam casserole, black-eyed pea salad. Joined by our good friend Andy Griggs, this is one meal you don’t want to miss!

Episode #9

Tap Daniel (talapia) with bourbon-laced sweet potatoes and melon salad that Country Music artist Buddy Jewel stops in to help us put together.

Episode #10

Country Music artist Andy Griggs is back at the campfire for Chinatown ribs, stuffed cabbage, and smashed potatoes. This was one of our favorite shoots and we hope you tune in!

Episode #11

Ain’t Plain stuffed meatloaf with baked potato salad and grilled pears we top with ice cream and drizzle with honey-Jack Daniels for a tasty summer treat that tops this meal perfectly.

Episode #12

Beef Prime Rib Roast with Andy Griggs and a 7-Layer Salad with Buddy Jewel wraps up this series. Join us for a great meal and lots of laughs with two of our favorite campfire regulars!

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